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Global E&P Services
Integrated Geophysical Solutions

The Leader in Seismic Data Processing, Analysis,
and Reservoir Characterization

Global E&P Services provides expert consulting, seismic data processing, geophysical, geological, and engineering services to the energy industry. Global is an expert provider of azimuthal processing solutions for enhanced imaging and fracture prediction.

Integrating Global Geophysical Services’ RG3D acquisition technology with E&P’s advanced processing, imaging, and analysis solutions maximizes seismic image potential and ensures accurate reservoir and rock property characterization.

    * E&P Proprietary Software
    * Landmark SeisSpace™ common data model for processing, analysis, and consulting
    * ProMax™
    * Paradigm™
    * OpenCPS™
    * SMT™
    * Techo™
    * Tierra™
    * Tsunami™
    * Landmark GeoProbe™
    * Landmark DecisionSpace™
    * Transform™
    * TerraSpark™
    * Kingdom Suite™
    * 3DGeo/Fusion AIM™
    * Renegade/Fusion Seismic Studio™
    * Flatirons™
    * Hampson-Russell™

    * High Performance Computing clusters (>100 Teraflops)
    * HPC hubs in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Calgary, and Rio de Janeiro
    * HPC infrastructure features Global internal "cloud" for remote data access
    * Workstations at remote locations have secure access to HPC facilities
    * 24/7 support, monitoring, alerts, and emergency auto-shutdown
    * Networks, including VPN, NX and Thinanywhere Remote Access
    * Internet integration with redundant secure networks between HPC hubs