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Global E&P Services provides unrivalled seismic data processing, analysis, interpretation, and data integration capabilities to the energy industry.  Headed by a team of proven oil-finders (over half a billion BOE discovered for clients), we have a number of proprietary and patented technologies that are ideal for processing and analyzing the full offset, rich azimuth, Reservoir Grade 3D datasets that our field crews collect.  Our industry leading technologies for characterizing azimuthal anisotropy coupled with our advanced time and depth imaging capabilities give us the ability to extract a rich portfolio of rock properties and reservoir characteristics from seismic data volumes.  Our service offerings include:

orange arrow Complete 2D and 3D processing of land, transition zone, and seismic data

orange arrow Industry-leading azimuthal processing and analysis solutions

orange arrow Proprietary signal enhancement and noise attenuation methodologies

orange arrow State-of-the-art statics and velocity estimation flows incorporating azimuthal variation

orange arrow Pre-stack time and depth imaging with a full suite of algorithms

orange arrow AVO inversion and reservoir characterization with potfolio ranking 

orange arrow P-wave fracture prediction

orange arrow Pore pressure prediction and azimuthal (HTI) stress field analysis

orange arrow Seismic data interpretation

orange arrow Statigraphic and SeisFacies analysis 

orange arrow Well ties and true depth conversion

orange arrow Petrophysical analysis

orange arrow Regional geologic studies 

We have recently expanded our high performance computing hub in Houston, as well as our data processing centers in Dallas and Denver, by installing infrastructure that allows our geoscientists to access data from anywhere in the world via Global’s internal “data cloud.”  This performance upgrade allows us to accelerate the delivery of our advanced product and service offerings by supporting seamless interaction with the data across the data processing, analysis, and consulting domains.  Quite simply, this means we spend more time understanding your data and addressing geologic and geophysical challenges and less time moving and reformatting data.