Sensor Geophysical Ltd, a Global Geophysical Services Company

Sensor Geophysical, a Global Geophysical Services Company


Sensor Geophysical Overview

Sensor Geophysical is a Canadian geoscience technology company that provides customized reservoir imaging and characterization solutions to the petroleum industry, and hardrock seismic imaging services to the mining industry.

Incorporated in Calgary in 1994, Sensor Geophysical is a privately owned company that is actively engaged in proprietary research and development.

Sensor Geophysical specializes in processing 2D, 3D, 4D and Multicomponent seismic data, including data recorded with the latest generation of digital sensors: INPUT/OUTPUT’s “VectorSeis” and SERCEL’s “DSU”. In addition Sensor offers Multicomponent Interpretation support using Hampson-Russell’s ProMC software.

Sensor Geophysical also processes two-component and four-component ocean-bottom cable (OBC) data, which requires the effective combination of hydrophone and geophone records in order to reduce the receiver ghost and water-layer reverberation sequence on the seismic data.

Sensor Geophysical also specializes in providing Reservoir Geophysics Services , which include PP and PS AVO Modeling, AVO and LMR Analysis, Seismic Inversion, Seismic Facies Classification, PP-PS Registration and Joint Inversion, Spectral Decomposition and Fracture Detection Analysis. For generating AVO compliant gathers Sensor has developed a specialized flow using proprietary software to address scaling and noise issues. Sensor has domestic and international experience in complex geological environments requiring high resolution imaging for both structural and stratigraphic objectives within clastics, carbonates and heavy oil prospects.

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