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Tomographic Fracture Imagingsm

Global’s patented Tomographic Fracture Imagingsm technology directly images the seismicity that indicates regions of high natural fracture permeability. TFIsm delivers detailed images of the fracture networks in reservoirs via tomographic analysis of energy emitted from subsurface activity such as hydraulic fracturing, hydrocarbon production or the natural background seismicity of the earth. This method is fast, affordable and can be conducted pre-drill.

The TFIsm workflow uses ambient seismic recordings from surface or near-surface receiver arrays to compute semblance and coherence volumes. These volumes are combined over large time intervals to accumulate energy, including energy from events much smaller than those normally detected by hypocenter methods. The seismic emissions that are persistent over time are extracted and then converted into the fracture network.

TFIsm provides a confident representation of reservoir connectivity, as well as the ability to identify fracture propagation rates, allowing interpreters to see movement of acoustic energy in a reservoir.