Bill McLain - Global Geophysical Services

Bill McLain
Vice President - Seismic Processing

Bill McLain has over 30 years of seismic industry experience involving advanced processing techniques used in land, transition zone, and marine environments. Bill spent nearly 23 years with ARCO (then later BP) in hands-on processing, quality assurance, management, and advisory positions. He is also an expert at multi-component (2C/4C/9C) processing, and represented BP as the technical chairperson for SMAART JV, a consortia of oil companies that developed deep water sub-salt imaging strategies such as WAZ acquisition design, illumination studies, 3D SRME, complex model building, and PSDM. As Global Geophysical's VP - Seismic Processing, his current interest is building best practices in the processing of wide-azimuth, far-angle data.