AutoSeis- Global Geophysical Services

AutoSeis- Global Geophysical Services

AutoSeis- Global Geophysical ServicesAutoSeis- Global Geophysical Services

Amazingly productive, unbelievably simple, totally scalable, with no interconnecting cables or complex radio links between nodes, the AutoSeis HDR is a clear breakthrough in terms of crew productivity, data quality and reduced HSEQ risk.

The unit's simplicity eliminates the learning curve often associated with more complicated nodal systems and energy companies worldwide have increasingly adopted the system for their programs. AutoSeis HDR units have proven successful in diverse environments and terrains across the globe including desert, arctic, mountain range, heavily-canopied forest, farmland and urban environments.

The technological advantages offered by the AutoSeis HDR have routinely allowed for program deployments in excess of 20,000 units, with no established upper limit on scalability. The trend to higher receiver density and increased channel count nodal programs is expected to continue as energy companies seek improvement in seismic data resolution, making AutoSeis the clear choice.

As the only nodal recording system on the market today that records in a true 32 bit integer format, the Autoseis HDR-1C is renowned for its innovation, reliability and HSE benefits.

AutoSeis Specifications

       orange arrow  Weight: 317 grams/0.7 lbs.
       orange arrow  Memory: 8G
       orange arrow  Power Consumption: <300mW
       orange arrow  Deep Sleep: <10mW
       orange arrow  Input: 5 V PTP
       orange arrow  Operating Temp: -50 C to 85 C
       orange arrow  Humidity: 0-100%
       orange arrow  Sample Rates: 1 or 2 ms
       orange arrow  Timing Accuracy: <25 microseconds
       orange arrow  Distortion: >105dB
       orange arrow  Bandwidth: DC to 0.8 Nyquist
       orange arrow  GPS Frequency: L1 (1575.42)
       orange arrow  GPS TIFF: 26s (@ -148dB)
       orange arrow  Battery Req: 7 to 18 V