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The Project Information Portal (PIP) is our clients’ one-stop destination for daily project production information. A web-based application, PIP centralizes and organizes data, allowing Global customers and managers to conveniently analyze their program.

The Project Information Portal has five main components:

orange arrow Project Summary View: This page includes an interactive production trend chart along with daily project statistics that cover personnel, HSEQ, survey, recording, production, project time, weather, and more. On the interactive chart, users can choose to look at the relationship between planned production vs. actual production; production vs. channel deployed and retrieved; production vs. weather; production vs. surveyed points; and production vs. shot points drilled.

orange arrow Project Properties: This area displays the program parameters and contact information for project leadership.

orange arrow Project Milestones: This area supports easy-to-read Gantt charts that display the start dates, end dates and progress of the permitting, surveying, drilling and recording phases of an acquisition project.

orange arrow Project Document View: This page can be used to archive almost any kind of file related to a project. Common documents stored in the portal are maps, helicopter logs, time logs, HSEQ reports, QC logs/reports, and layout/pickup tracking documentation.

orange arrow Project Acknowledgements View: This area serves as the place for the client or client representative to approve daily statistics. The Acknowledgement page conveniently displays the approval status of each day's production. These acknowledgements help flag when there may be issues that need to be addressed.

Available in both English and Spanish, and developed to be compatible with mobile devices, PIP gives our customers the ability to track and analyze their projects day-to-day from start to finish.