Ambient Seismic - Global Geophysical Services

Ambient Seismic - Global Geophysical Services

Ambient Seismic Applications

The volumes of cumulative activity, SRVs, APVs, and TFIs have direct applications for well development, completions and production. These include:

       orange arrow  Identifying heavily fractured areas before drilling so that they can be intersected
            or avoided, as appropriate

       orange arrow  Adjusting stimulation programs for fractured areas
       orange arrow  Determining optimum well spacing based on fracture length, SRV and APV
       orange arrow  Obtaining an understanding of the interactions between wells and fracture hits
       orange arrow  Mapping reservoir-scale fracture flow networks for development planning

More advanced applications use the images for fracture simulation, reservoir simulation and stress inversion. Additionally, ambient seismic imaging has also been applied to monitor conventional reservoirs, water floods, CO2 sequestration, mine stability, and water influx into mines. Other applications include geothermal systems and induced seismicity monitoring.