RG3D™ (Reservoir Grade 3D)- Acquisition Solutions

RG3D™ (Reservoir Grade 3D)

High Density Reservoir Grade 3D™ and Ultra RG3D seismic solutions

Global Geophysical Services is an expert provider of High Density Reservoir Grade 3D™ and Ultra RG3D seismic solutions. With the industry’s largest complement of state-of-the-art nodal recording systems, we record data sets with extra long offsets, rich azimuth distribution, improved spatial resolution, and increased signal-to-noise ratio.

Global offers exceptionally high trace density 3D seismic datasets to image increasingly complex structural and stratigraphic details within targeted geologies. The benefits of our RG3D™ include:

orange arrow Order of magnitude greater trace density providing improved signal-to-noise ratio

orange arrow Seismic datasets that provide longer shelf life throughout the G&G cycle of the field

orange arrow Unparalleled P wave information with excellent offset sampling at all azimuths
    for pre-stack analysis (AVA, AVO)

orange arrow Enhanced detailed images of the most challenging reservoirs