Mission, Vision and Values - Global Geophysical Services

      Our Vision, Mission and Values

Global's Vision, Mission and Values are the foundation of all of our plans, activities and undertakings around the globe.

Our Vision

Be the "go to" provider of seismic solutions for the E&P industry. 

Our Mission

Working together we will deliver beyond expectations to build lasting customer relationships. 

Our Values

orange arrow Be Passionate: Believe in what you do. 

orange arrow Listen: Show you care. 

orange arrow Be Innovative: Find a better way.

orange arrow Be Accountable: Own it. 

orange arrow Show InitiativeTake action. 

orange arrow Have Integrity: Do the right thing. 


Strategic Imperatives

1. Understand Customer Needs

2. Create an Excellent Customer Experience 

3. Improve Project Management & Execution 

4. Attract, Develop and Retain Exceptional People

5. Exercise Financial Discipline